Dating smith and wesson model 60

Smith & Wesson Model 60

I'll post a more accurate date after I get home. Yeap, checked the book, that serial number dates to Hey could one of y'all tell me what year my 38 was made in? I just picked up a nice , Nxxx. I think it would be like or The N8xxxxx range ran from to I really appreciate you taking the time to answer all of these. Model 4" Serial AHY5 6? XXX when manufactured please. XXX Since you have the original box, on the end label there should be a 4 digit number under the heading "spec ord".

S&W model 60 no dash vale and date of manufacture?

The first number is the year in and the other 3 are the julian date. Otherwise AHY is around Weird thing is the box has no label on it whatsoever. I was surprised to see that! From my Brother in Law who carried it to and from work in Washington State many years ago.

SW model 60, is it +P

SN's ran from J in to J in Numbers on bottom of grip are with no letters. Can't find any other numbers. It's not letting me upload pictures. It's a 6 shot. Barrel says 38 S. Under that it says U. Serial numbers ran from in to in I'm not sure if you know about rossi.

Civil War, Frontier Smith & Wesson .32 - .41 Revolvers

Find More Posts by gc The gold coloring was likely added by a previous owner. Value wise I would look at Gunbroker and see what they are going for there. Not in bad shape. Model 4" Serial AHY5 6? KframeSW38, The complete lack of markings does make it suspect.

I have one in 38 special. D is the serial number. This thread is awesome! SN's fan from 1D in to 1D in I'm going to invest in the catalog I have read about on here. Any help would be greatly appreciated Serial 4K24xxx Model Thank you in advance. Model , serial number N Serial numbers ran from N1 in to N in I don't know the year or the model.

I would find a manual to disassemble it and clean it. Thanks in advance Stephan. This item was purchased new and never fired. It would be a model You did not mention what type of stocks either. If so, SN's ran from 1 in to in Hi I have recently bought a beautiful. The serial number is CAA91xx. I am really pleased with it as it is in mint condition and so comfortable to use, the results make me look better than I really am. Any idea of date of manufacture? The serial number is CAA91xx This was my Dads he got it around the time I was born in 59 any idea when this was made?

I guess by the number sometime early 60's? The j is not part of the number so the 65 date sounds right thanks Chris. It had a bull barrel a bo-mar sight railing system and it was in mag. The serial number dates it as a Model 10 38 Special made in The fact that it has been modified and rechambered to magnum would be a reason to avoid it. If i get to look at it again i'll check caliber carfully. Without inspecting it I couldn't tell you. The model 13 magnum version of the model 10 started production in and had a "D" prefix serial number from that era.

But your C prefix means that frame started life as a 38 special. So, there is no telling what all has been done to it. Model Cxxx Serial numbers ran from C in to C in Gentlemen, I have one that does not seem to show up like it should. The butt is drilled for a lanyard ring. It is a frame one of 5 I bought years ago and I have made it a shooter.

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Okay, so I have a magnum it says it's at but it has a 4 inch barrel on it. So would that make it 65 4?

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It was handed down to me so just trying to get some information. In the case of the model 65 the -3 was the elimination of the pinned barrel and counterbored chambers. The ran from to Can someone help me find info on my pistol as well? M 1 no dash ajk51 I am try to find a rough value on the gun as well. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out! M 1 no dash ajk51 A 1 is a The serial number dates it to mid 's which would also make it a This was a gun my father inherited and then I inherited.

The crane area has markings The caliber listed on the side is 38 special and has a 6" barrel. Looking for info on its age, since I am in California, and is this a desirable or collectable gun or just a gun to use. I have several newer 38 specials that he used for competition that I now use to shoot regularly, so this is just an extra to me and holds no sentimental value. It is what I would say is average shape. That said, it would be a.

Smith and Wesson serial Late 60's? I just picked up a Plus, serial CDP6xxx. I think it would be mid 90's. I have a sw six shot. Any idea of what I have,thanks a lot. Hallo, what would be the date of production of a Model Thanks for letting me know and cheers, Gianni. I think it's from the s. Just scored an A Serial Model 41, Axxx.

Model 36 Classics

I think it is from 72 or Serial numbers ran from A in to A in Model 41's are great guns! I have two of them, one from and another from They both love CCI standard velocity. This is my second, I have another that looks nearly new from ' I don't see them for sale that often so I snatched this one up.

Smith and Wesson model in. Does this serial number sound right? Bfe Yes, that is the serial number and dates it to around A is a pretty scarce gun. It came into my shop, and I'll probably never have an opportunity to buy it. But I'd snatch it up if it came out for sale to pair with my model Thanks again for the information.

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That's about what I figured. I just picked up a, 4" Square butt. Could I get a date please?! What do you think was the DOB of a. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. BUJ I'm currently out of town for the holiday and do not have the book with me. I will look up and post dates upon my return. I'm currently out of town for the holiday and do not have the book with me. Hope you enjoy your trip Jim! When you get a chance after you're back, I scored a Model 37, Jxxx. No barrel bin, so I assume mid to late 80's. Here is a link that comes in handy, http: I'm assuming this is a I frame and not the larger K frame K Looks like is it.

Thanks, I enjoyed it alot! Hello,just picked up a nickle plated model 36 that was calling my name at the local gun store and would like to know her birth date. Exactly what I thought. Serial numbers ran from J to J that year. Completed in , the.

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Welcome! The SN is on the bottom of the grip frame, and a five-digit number without letters does not fit with model 60 numbering. Have a look at. Is there any easy way to find out when a gun was made by serial number? a model 60 SS revolver sn XX.

Demand for the firearm decreased in the s but skyrocketed in the s after the release of the film, Dirty Harry , starring Clint Eastwood. After the war the trend to use autoloaders became more popular. The pistols were heavily tested, adjusted and modified for almost ten years. Finally, in , the Model 41 pistol was made available to the public.

The Model 52 pistol was the most accurate target pistol of its day and featured an innovative ball-bushing barrel. Originally available in a highly polished finish, the finish was changed to a satin polish after law enforcement agencies objected to the bright finish. The Model pistol is an updated version of the Model 39 pistol featuring an alloy frame.

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It is a Second Generation semi-automatic pistol, denoted by the three digit model number. At that time the Model 60 featured a 1. In , the stronger J-Magnum frame was introduced and the cylinder was lengthened to support the. The new model replaced the. Older versions of the Model 60 were produced with only fixed sights ; modern productions are typically made with an adjustable rear sight 3" and 5" and a fixed sight 1.

Despite the reduction in effective range due to the short barrel and consequently reduced sight radius, the 2" barrel version is one of the preferred backup and concealed carry weapons for law enforcement officers and civilians alike to this day. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Massad Ayoob's Greatest Handguns of the World.