Two best friends started dating

Dear Straight Up! My Best Friends are Dating and I Feel Like a Third Wheel

Other Sites In order to access website you need to accept our cookie policy. When you played matchmaker and paired two of your bestfriends, it seemed like it was destined to be. After all, you pictured two of your besties spending the rest of their lives together.

dating my best friend for 24 hours..

What was supposed to be a fun group activity, all of a sudden stops being that and all you can do is stare blankly at your phone screen when the PDA starts. You now are privy to both their secrets, and sadly have to bear the burden of this guilt to your very end. Nothing haunts you more the thought of playing referee every time they have an argument.

Not only do you unnecessarily get dragged down to hell along with them, but are also forced to take sides, even when you know both are wrong. What should I do? I understand how you feel.

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What has helped me is that when I am with them, they are not all lovey-dovey and affectionate. The situation has just transformed into something else and you just need to adapt. If you feel weird around them for whatever reason then talk to them about it. I do that with my friends. But if I see a full make-out session, I'll just throw water at them and tell them to stop. Especially when there is nowhere else for me to go! So have a sit down and talk to them.

When two of your best friends start dating each other

Once that is done, give them their space to be with each other. Hang out with your other single friends and give them their space. Resisting the situation is not going to make you feel better or change the situation. Just accept it and be happy for them. I love her to bits. I cannot stand him! She brings him to outings and parties and it really bothers me. I want to be happy for her.

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  3. Dear Straight Up! My Best Friends are Dating and I Feel Like a Third Wheel!

But I honestly think she can do so much better. How can I have a courteous relationship with someone I hate? Your annoyance and frustrations with him are your problem.

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You need to figure out why he bothers you so much and get over it. Whether she can do so better or not is for her to realize, not you. You just need to stand back and be happy for her.

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I know that you two have been through a lot together. But trust me, long-term friendships can be ruined, especially if another man or woman is involved.

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The struggle can be all too real when two of your best friends start dating. You may experience an "I knew it" moment, because you probably. Two of my best friends have started dating each other and although I'm happy for them, I'm starting to feel like a third wheel whenever we hang out. It's so weird.

Keep him at arms-length and at the same time show your friend that you are happy for her and are there to support her. Even if you have to fake happiness, so be it.

How to deal with your best friends dating each other

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