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Online dating group discussion

Lo and behold, there was an attractive single man of appropriate age in my class. First, he complimented me warmly on my discount Gap leggings. I never saw him again. Except, of course, on Tinder. In that year more than Users log in 11 times a day on average.

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Topics Online dating The Observer. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Jul 30, , I frankly admit that if I met my girlfriend of four years on the street today, I would likely not find her interesting. The circumstances under which we met - a summer camp where everyone got really chummy and close and many couples were formed - were really key for us. I'm curious to what extent online dating is a result of not trying to find a mate in college. Often college students choose to eschew dating to focus on school, often replacing real relationship with cheap hookups.

But these are some of the easiest years in which to find a mate. Classes change frequently, new people come in and out of one's social circle, and most everyone is single or at least unmarried. I'm not saying every man and woman should aim for an MR or MRS degree, but if one's goal is to form a family, putting a concentrated effort into meeting people in college seems like a much better route than the depressing deceptions of online dating in one's late 20s. Of course, if one does not have the privilege or desire to attend college, this is a moot point.

Other people may not fit in with the social milieu at their college - I see this at my relatively homogeneous school. But I sometimes think we should be frank with our college students that these are prime years and they should not be wasted. The person I was then and the person I am now at 30 are very different and I know so many young relationships that don't survive those changes. I think that's why so many people are waiting until later to really look for a partner.

That's a very interesting sounding book. I've never tried a dating site, but we occasionally see adverts for dating sites on the TV.

And we have wondered what would be the chances of my husband and I being paired, because in some ways we shouldn't work together. Would I have considered him as an option on a dating site? I don't know; he's blond, on a purely aesthetic level, I prefer dark hair. He's very sociable, I'm more like the family recluse. So we'd be unlikely to have listed the same interests, we may even have excluded each other on physical grounds I really am too short for him! Not necessarily a case of opposites attract, but it works, and always has.

Jul 30, , 3: But a lot of college students aren't even trying to build relationship skills. Have you read about Kerry Cronin, Boston College's "dating coach"?

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She teaches a class in which one of the assignments is asking someone on a date, a real date, not "hanging out" or being in a group or "hooking up. But of course, failed and successful relationships can be created in many ways, and all of this is only one piece of the puzzle. Oh I totally agree that most "young people" now I feel ancient today don't know how to actually date. I see it in my brother who is His "dates" seemed to always consist of partying with friends or watching tv together. I don't know if he and his live-in girlfriend have ever been on an actual, more than dinner for our anniversary, date.

And I am the other end of that spectrum now, finding myself unwilling for many years to bother with dating the people around me because I didn't see a realistic future with anyone. I was busy and happy with my own life and didn't see the point.


Now that I would like to date, a little casually at first but hopefully leading somewhere serious, I seem to have forgotten how. I've never really believed in "dates"; I think it's a lot more natural just to spend time with people you enjoy being around. My two serious relationships have developed with people I found myself just wanting to talk to and hang out with all the time, whereas various awkward coffee dates in college went nowhere. On a similar note, I prefer doing social activities that I enjoy independently, and meeting people there by chance.

Of course, it helps if at least one of your preferred social activities is skewed toward people of the opposite gender e. I also think it's for the best that I didn't stay with my college boyfriend. There are some interesting statistics about how the divorce rate is way higher for people who marry before the age of 25, though that doesn't necessarily reflect how old they were when they met.

I do agree about taking relationships seriously from the beginning, though, rather than spending college "hooking up". I'm reminded of the book The Defining Decade , with its argument that you should always be working toward what you want; even though my first relationship didn't work out, it definitely helped me figure out what I was looking for. After moving to North America, one of the first things I grew to loathe was "dating". It's very different from the way we socialised in Europe, romantically or not. Americans are always in some boxes--at home, at work, in the car.

Online dating group discussion

**An open discussion of online dating sites in general (non-singles welcome!), sparked by the following book review and subsequent. While I was researching this topic, I found this video on You Tube. The video is called The History of Online Dating. Although there is a small.

Agendas come out for any trifle--getting a cup of coffee with a friend must be planned and confirmed like an Olympic meet. If by some miracle you meet someone by chance, decisions must be made immediately--do you like each other enough to exchange numbers? It's now or, most likely, never again. I still remember an incident from my first weeks. I went to buy a tennis racket someone from school gave me a lift, as I didn't have a car--actually, I didn't even have a driving license yet , in a shop hours and hours more like 40 minutes in reality away from my place, lost on some nondescript highway as remote as a desert American suburbs would for years appear as empty as Mars to my eyes.

I got to chatting with another customer, a very handsome guy, who was apparently quite interested in me. In fact, I freaked out a little because he started asking me where I lived etc. I was used to guys being interested, and I liked flirting. But I have never in my life gone from flirting one minute--with a total stranger--to giving out my number the next! I used to live in a dense social net where faces kept recurring, and nobody ever got completely lost. I was used to natural, slow getting to know someone, seeing them in different circumstances, from different angles and not just them, of course.

Sooner or later one face, one person would become more interesting, attractive, important. There was no rush, no pressure. There were so many points of either getting closer or distancing, when you could assess more discreetly where you'd like the relationship to go. In contrast, the horrible North American "dating" was like taking a freaking exam, all the time. Oops, did you give the right answer. Ooops, was that multiple answer choice or not. Oops, nobody asked for an essay on THAT one. Well, they seem nice enough with you, but you only ever see them in one light, under one kind of circumstances--who the heck knows what they are like "really".

And the horrible calculations of time and money spent, "investment" vs.

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By the way, there's nothing worse than early marriage. Been there, done that--married at 22, separated at 23, divorced some years later. And, while my case may or may not be "typical", it's also true for basically all other early marriages I know of. From the university, only one couple who got together then are still together today.

My brother and SIL, about four years younger than me, commented recently that they are the only couple in their extremely wide circle of friends who have been together as long, without separation or divorce and they have been friends since they met at fifteen, and only got together ten years later, after a string of other relationships for both of them.

They also lived together for three years before getting married, at thirty. I don't know what is new, if anything, about "hookups"?

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Doesn't that just mean no-strings-attached sex? And what's wrong with that?

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One size doesn't fit all indeed, when it comes to relationships, but I'd always encourage young people to investigate, experiment, and learn about themselves when they are young, dedicated to learning, and CAN learn. Sow them wild oats too, have fun, learn to give and take pleasure, and do it with as many or as few people as you like.

Sex is wonderful, don't let sanctimonious prigs slut-shame you. Phew glad this conversation is picking up. I thought I was talking to a brick wall: I dated a lot and had several relationships throughout college, but that has apparently had no bearing on my finding a mate after college. It was certainly much easier to meet people to date in college, but there is not a single person I met in college that I would consider marrying.