Coc war matchmaking formula

The matchmaking system will try to match your clan with another clan having similar strength or war weight. Overall clan weight is the combined weight of each base. The best method to calculate war weight is the "counting" method. Friendly challenge mode allows you to get the war weight at any time, instead of waiting for war day or relying on old war details.

Scout the base on Battle Day. So, if you have 4 equal level gold storages, info the gold and multiply that number by five town hall included to get the base war weight. As seen in the image below this player has a town hall of level 9 and has 4 equal gold storages plus the town hall.

How are clans matched up in Clan Wars?

However, one area that really has been lacking is the area of matchmaking. Very odd that they are not finding asian clans during asian primetime. Last edited by rwelshjr; September 8th, at Wars should not be limited to the attack skill of just the top players in a clan to decide wars. This information you have provided is good but can you personally take out some time and have a look at our clan and help us in war???

Then the formula would be: If the Gold Storages are 'Not the Same Level', for example the base is a new TH9 and has 3 equal storages and 1 storage of level 1 then add the total amount in all the storages. A formula would be: This is not necessarily true. The higher the war weight gets by upgrading strong defence like Xbows, the stronger opponents you and your clan will get.

When people upgrade their town hall to level 9 they are often quick to build the Xbows. But why do that? Therefore, you may want to maintain a lower war weight for a matching advantage. Now you know what war weight is all about. You can use it In Clashtrack under the tab "members" and can give each member the war weight number from Clan Wars.

Why is it so important to fill in all that data? It's utterly disheartening that fluffybunnies are becoming prolific and you are correct that even if we are the best players in the world we are no match for fluffybunnyers.

The only thing that we can do is avoid them; fortunately I think we will be able to do that by using very specific th composition. I totally agree that the realm of top war clans are likely nothing but fluffybunnies, but fluffybunnying takes a lot of effort and low levels are much less likely to be this invested. If we can maintain half of our clan as skilled low levels then we will be matched with similar clans who are also less likely to be fluffybunnying.

Clan War Matchmaking – Less Mismatches

Sadly we are basically barred from becoming a full th10 trophy clan if we want to war fairly. If we do encounter a clan like this ill no longer support humoring them; we will use all gobs in war cc, gob attacks etc. Metadata is the game; we will make some strange compromises and continue moving forward. I have not speculated on other aspects of the algorithm because I lack enough evidence, however I suspect that another line of mathematical code may try to match number of thX to number of thX.

See example in OP of "well balanced clan levels" e.

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Or perhaps the algorithm does something like match quarters e. Bear in mind that "composition" is a description and not a mathematical value, which is what SC uses to find a match.

Matchmaking in Clan war league

Read here how the Clan War Matchmaking works and how you can improve your Clans ranking to get more fair opponents in Clan Wars. Hi, Please fix the matchmaking in the Clan war leagues our clan is matched up against level 18 clan and Clash of Clans | TH10 | Level |.

Aside from developers' access to code, all we have is theory about what this could be. Some theories are pretty good though gravity. Amazingly I think this may be correct; after hours on the short cycle recently we have decided to try 20 minute search times and have in fact found good matches in both low and high level clans.

It is likely that there would be no announcement for this sort of change other than already having said "we are constantly working to improve matchmaking" so this can happen quietly at any time. It would be reasonable for SC to put a minimum time on the search to prevent what I once called "abuse or short cycle" and expand the time iteration. The fact that even a few observing that something has changed with matchmaking indicates a very real possibility that the algorithm has been improved.

Originally Posted by 2Big. Let's start off by saying that I am a defenseless player, in a defenseless war clan. We do non-stop wars, and have loads of fun. We used to be able to find an opponent within hours of searching. Most of the CW's were very fair, and each clan had an equal chance of winning.

We even got to 53 CW wins. Now though, we started searching for a CW. We started off at 50 members, and could not find a match in a day. Well, we search for another 2 days, and still no CW. Now we are down to 30 members, and we still have no CW after 10 days of non-stop searching. I think that this is caused by a change in the CW system, by SC. Please change this back to its old ways, because not having a CW in 10 days is very upsetting, and kind of ruins the game.

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While I agree with most of what you've said, Supercell has not confirmed any of it in any official post. The closest we've gotten is a quote from Super Steve that mismatches are preferable to no match or very long searches.

War matchmaking explained

The problem with your solution is that prep day has to start at the same time for each clan so there's a high probability that the two clans that were matched in your 12 hour window started their searches at different times so would have different prep day starts. I have proposed a solution which I think will truly work. I posted it in the ideas and feature request forum. Look it over and let me know what you think Jietoh - Noob level Clash Royal September 8th, 3.

Originally Posted by Jietoh. Last edited by Greentangent; October 3rd, at September 8th, 4. Thanks for putting this much effort into it. This is a fantastic piece of analysis.

Preventing Clan War Mismatches in 2018

In our case I just restart the search every few minutes. I don't think that is unfair or c'h'e'a't'ing it sensors the word. But others may have other preferences, some might prefer just eating the unbalanced matches, they consider the 'gift' ones their repayment for the times they are someone else's gift. For me I think a 12 hour wait would make me crazy. But maybe others might prefer that. I agree there are real problems with the matchmaking, but it is not bad work by SC but rather a bad situation shortage of available opponents that they have to make the process work with.

I think implementing any of these solutions is just trading one persons preference for another.

Clash of clans - Clan Wars Matchmaking ( How it works )

Since there are no right or wrong answers for preferences they can do something or not do something and it will make no difference that someone will be happy and someone else unhappy. Actually I think posting the analysis you did is more helpful than anything SC can do because it helps the rest of us understand the issue so to deal with it.

Last edited by rwelshjr; September 8th, at September 8th, 5. Correlation does not imply causation. September 8th, 6. Originally Posted by VincentVegas. September 8th, 7.

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